About Us


Take a step back in time and come and stay at Darling Buds Farm, the scene of the internationally famous 90s TV series (based on the books by H E Bates) which introduced the world to the Larkins, the family that everyone wished they could be part of. Millions of us booked a date on Sunday nights in front of the television to share the adventures and lovable rogueish exploits of Pop and Ma Larkin and their family, played out in some of the most idyllic Kentish countryside. Our hearts were captured by the beauty and simplistic living of the 1950s where family came first, good living a close second (plenty of food and drink for all), and the outside world was kept at arms-length (Pop's money making schemes were legendary, as well as his efforts to avoid the taxman). Pop Larkin would have loved you to drop by for a chat and a cup of tea, whilst Ma Larkin rustled up a proper spread of homecooked treats so now you have the opportunity to experience the good life for a few relaxing 'perfick' days in the heart of the Darling Buds countryside. 

The Series :


Writers: H.E. Bates (Author of the novels and short stories of the Larkin family) Paul Wheeler and Stephen Bill (Writers for television)

Stars: David Jason, Pam Ferris and Catherine Zeta Jones.
Awards: In 1992 Sir David Jason won Best TV comedy actor at the British Comedy Awards.
The Directors: David Giles, Robert Tronson, Rodney Bennet and Steve Goldie

Kent Filming Locations: Pluckley Village, Buss Farm, TenterdenFolkestone, Church Gates Cottage, Fig Tree Cottage, Folkestone Leas Cable Car, Halden Place, Kent & East Sussex RailwayLittle ChartPluckley Church of England Primary School, St Nicholas Church, The Black Horse PubShepherd Neame Brewery , Wentwood Cottage, Maidstone Grammar School.